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is dedicated to the success of your organization on the World Wide Web. We can design a website for you that will reflect the image that you "really" want to project to the Internet. Let us design, program, and implement a site tailored to your needs and only your needs, from the most basic site to one that has full blown sound and animation. We will help you take advantage of the latest state-of-the art technology and on-line computer exposure available today. We provide inexpensive advertising at a fraction of the cost of yellow pages or newspaper ads.

We've got all bases covered, from the ground level coding up to the actual maintenance of your site. As broadband provider o2 puts it, "the world wide web is the future"; and as we all know it's never unwise to be part of the future. Design Plus Web Hosting will give you that chance to immerse yourself on what could be the central theme of human existence in the next century.

Located in central New Jersey, our team of highly trained professionals has over 25 years experience in the Information Technology area. We have specialized in page design and development, CGI scripting, Java development, animation services and graphics design work. All of our technicians have good design backgrounds in animated graphics and style layouts. We have many years of experience using HTML, JAVA and CGI on UNIX and NT servers.

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